Lambing Essentials

Lambing essentials at P&D Country Store

A variety of sheep feeds for all ages.

Sterivax packs and refills for vaccinating ewes prior to lambing (and the lambs later on) plus other syringes and needles.

Prolapse harnesses and plastic uterine supports.

Disinfectants, iodine, lambing lube, lambing ropes and arm length examination gloves.

Spray markers.

Colostrum, milk powder, a variety of colostrum feeders (including a large 140ml one which is so much easier if you are tubing a lamb by yourself), a variety of lamb milk bottles and bucket feeders with spare teats to suit.

Castration rings and applicators.

Foot sprays, footrot shears including ones for smaller hands.

Customers have already been buying hurdles, water troughs, feed troughs, hayracks and lamb prams. We have stock of most items, so give us a call for availability and reserve yours.

Our store is fully Covid 19 compliant. Hand sanitizer is available and masks must be worn in store. You can pay by phone or in-store. Plenty of parking available and we'll carry larger items to your vehicle.