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Ambrogio Quad Elite

Ambrogio Quad Elite

HIGH PERFORMANCE SLOPE MOWING The Quad Elite is the Ambrogio robotic lawnmower dedicated to gardens with slopes of up to 75%. Thanks to its electrically steered 4 wheel drive and powerful 10Ah battery, it can handle extremely steep climbs and bumps in the lawn. It also works effectively on the edge of the garden on slopes up to 65%. It’s highly efficient. This is made possible by each wheel being able to steer in any direction without performing risky maneuvers even on steep slopes. The compact, square shaped dimensions (only 53cm) make the robot’s movements look graceful on both regular and undulating terrain. The handles positioned on the 4 sides make it safe and easy to transport too. Ambrogio robots are made from only premium parts and high grade materials that have been thoroughly tested at the Ambrogio factory in Italy and the UK. Your purchase is backed by a 6 year warranty, so you know it’s a robot that you can count on. The robot cuts with high quality solid steel blades. Compared to robots from other brands that don’t use a solid blade, blade longevity is vastly improved. You can expect a whole season of use, whereas smaller replaceable blades will need changing every few weeks. Also as the blades are much larger they maximize the cutting area, ensuring a clean and uniform cutting action. For added peace of mind, the robot has a rain sensor, along with an easy to use large touch screen colour LCD display ensuring the controls are simple. QUAD Elite is also equipped with a special RADAR sensor that recognises regular shaped obstacles in the garden.

Make Ambrogio
Model Quad Elite
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