Animal Feeds to collect

Horse, Sheep, Pig and Cattle, Chicken, Dog and Cat foods

Horse Feed and Bedding

Speedi-beet, Mollichaff Original, Dengie Alfalfa Nuts, Dengie Hi-Fi Lite, Dengie Alfa-A-Oil, D and H Sixteen Plus Mix, D and H Alfalfa Chaff, D and H Safe and Sound, D and H Mare and Youngstock Mix, Skinners F and T Main Food, Spillers Horse and Pony Mix, Spillers Condition Cubes, Spillers Pegasus Valuemix, Show Improver Cubes, Topspec Feed Balancer, Saracen Re-Leave,Saracen Essential, Allen and Page Fast Fibre, Lump Rock Salt, Henrys Rolled Barley, Supabeet Pellets ( 25kg), Snowflake Woodshavings, Bedmax, Smallflake Sawdust, Nedzbedz Original Bedding, Nedzbedz Pro Bedding, Keyflow Perfect Balance, Keyflow Key Plus, Keyflow Pink Mash and many others. Please ask.

Plus....a full range of Cattle, Sheep, Pig, Chicken feeds:

Farmgate Mixed Poultry Corn ( 20KG), Mixed Poutlry Grit (25KG and 1KG), Hen Oyster Shell Grit ( 25KG and 1 KG), Farmgate Layers Pellets ( 20KG), Farmgate Sow and Weaners Nuts (20KG), Farmgate All Stock Pencils ( 20KG), Farmgate Coarse Goat Mix ( 20KG), Farmgate Pig Rearer (20KG), A and P Turkey Grower Finishing Pellets, Henrys Supreme Goat Mix, Henrys Rolled Barley, DK Cattle and Sheep Mineral Buckets (20KG), Peanuts (25KG and 1KG), Wild Bird Seed (20KG and 1 KG), a range of Dog and Cat Foods. Please ask for brands.

...PLUS A RANGE OF DOG AND CAT FOODS. Please ask for brands.

Our stock lines are ever increasing. If you don't see it on the list, call us !