Arrowquip...Another Satisfied Customer

Customer testimonial

Our customer, Jack Edge, a livestock farmer in Staffordshire recently wrote to us singing the praises of his new Arrowquip Q-Catch Cattle crush. Below are his own words:

I bought an Arrowquip Q-Catch 87 Series after spending months looking for a mobile cattle crush that could be operated safely and easily by one person.

The Arrowquip crush stood out as being the most versatile on the market. It takes minutes to set up and despite the length is very manoeuvrable. Cattle enter easily and calves can’t turn round in the adjustable race. The crush itself is simple to operate and being able to work the head yoke from any position is a huge advantage. The squeeze sides are easy to operate and the scissor mechanism of the head scoop is particularly well designed and completely immobilises the cow or calf’s head.

I’ve no doubt that the crush is built well enough to stand up to many years use on our beef and dairy farms and will make handling stock less stressful and safer for us and the animals.

Jack Edge

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