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Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free

Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free

Healthy Hooves Molasses Free is a nutritionally-balanced, low-sugar and starch feed for promoting healthier joints and stronger hooves. Ideal for those prone to laminitis. A blend of soft cereal straw with chopped and pelleted nutrient-rich alfalfa Contains no added sugar (2.5%) and low in starch (1.5%) Healthy Hooves Molasses Free is low in calories, providing 8.5MJ/kg of Digestible Energy A light rapeseed oil coating provides slow-release energy and coat shine Includes garlic to tempt fussy horses and ponies The addition of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, commonly known as MSM, provides a source of bio-available sulphur, which is particularly important for hooves. Sulphur is needed to bond keratin fibres together in the unique way that gives hoof horn its hardness and flexibility Dengie low calorie feeds typically contain around 0.2-0.25% sulphur. The addition of MSM increases the level in Healthy Hooves Molasses Free by around 30% High quality forages such as alfalfa are abundant in natural vitamins and minerals. In low calorie formulations where straw is included to bring the calorie value down, the mineral levels are also reduced. The use of premixes and ingredients such as MSM help to counter this effect. Healthy Hooves Molasses Free is packed with B vitamins including biotin at levels that research has shown to improve hoof quality. When fed at the recommended rates it will provide a 500kg horse with 15mg of biotin per day Ideal for horses in light work, good do-ers and laminitis prone horses When fed at the recommend rate (500g per 100kg bodyweight) Healthy Hooves Molasses Free will provide your horse with a balanced diet

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