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Ewebol Lamb Finisher and Levucell

Ewebol Lamb Finisher and Levucell

Features and benefits Pellet To aid creep feeding systems. Nut To promote high intakes. Energy A combination of starch and digestible fibre to promote high Daily Live Weight Gain (DLWG) and good rumen health. Protein 16% - balanced levels of rumen degradable protein and DUP to maintain high DLWG and lean tissue growth for grading. Health pack Supplies vitamins, minerals and key trace elements (Zinc, iodine, Cobalt and Selenium) to boost health. Ammonium chloride Prevents urinary calculi (stones) development in intensive feeding systems. Addarome Stimulates high feed intakes. Levucell Live yeast that stabilises rumen pH, improves rumen health and increases DLWG. Feeding guide Can be offered ad-lib no introductory period required. 25kg bag.

Make Ewebol
Model Lamb Finisher and Levucell
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