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Gallagher S6 Garden Solar Energiser

Gallagher S6 Garden Solar Energiser
Gallagher S6 Garden Solar Energiser

The Gallagher Electric Fence Solar unit S6 with Li-Battery is a small but powerful model. Ideal for smaller gardens to prevent dogs and cats from escaping. The S6 is simple to assemble and easily attaches to an iron post or ground stake, therefore requiring minimal maintenance. Output Voltage230 Volts7 year warranty Output VoltageOutput EnergyLightning Protection Lightning Protection Top features of the Gallagher S6: Another new feature is that the grounding runs through the metal posts of the pasture fence to which the S6 can be attached to. The unit is easy to move. By pulling the stake out of the ground, the earthing and the electric fence unit are moved at the same time - no separate earth cable is needed. Another advantage of the higher mounted electric fence is that the solar panel gets more sun or daylight and thus provides more and longer power. Solar = daylight: The term "solar device" is possibly a little misleading, because this device also works perfectly in normal daylight (without sun). What's more - it even works for up to 3 weeks without direct sunlight! Available to order.

Make Gallagher
Model S6 Garden Solar Energiser
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