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Jondo Mixed Poultry Grit

Jondo Mixed Poultry Grit

Jondo Mixed Poultry Grit for Chickens. Grit is very important for chickens because it helps to grind down the food and aid digestion. This product consists of two types of grit mixed in suitable proportions: Insoluble hard grit which has a grinding action in the gizzard enabling complete digestion of all food. Soluble soft calcium grit which dissolves in the bird’s system making it healthy and ensuring the production of strong shelled eggs. Grit is especially important to provide for chickens who are not free range. In the Gizzard it acts as the birds teeth and performs the grinding action necessary to make the food digestible. Features Promotes the health of all poultry Aids digestion Acts as the bird's teeth by performing grinding action Improves egg shell production. 25kg

Make Jondo
Model Mixed Poultry Grit
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