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Provimi Multimilk Milk Powder

Provimi Multimilk Milk Powder

SCA Provimi Multimilk is a multi purpose milk replacer for all young animals including piglets, puppies, kittens, foals, lambs, kids and calves. Multimilk can act as a complete feeding stuff for foals and other young animals in the case of the foal being orphaned or rejected. Multimilk can be also be used as and when necessary if the mare isn't producing enough milk or if the foal is trying to suckle and the mare rejecting it. SCA Multimilk is based on British dairy products and contains high levels of skimmed milk powder. Multimilk has a long shelf life, so can be bought in advance of foaling and kept in case there are any emergencies. Foals feeding correctly during the first 48 hours after birth is crucial to good health and organs starting to function properly. Formulated to the highest nutritional standards using only the best quality materials High levels of skimmed milk powder Palatable Highly digestible ingredients Promotes healthy growth and development Provides the young animal with an optimal start to life. 5kg bag

Make Provimi
Model Multimilk Milk Powder
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