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New store opening in early September

Friday 10th August 2018

It seems only a short while since we were digging out footings for our new Rural Store and now, here we are with probably just a few weeks to before we open the doors ! We are currently ordering stock of new lines to add to our already huge inventory which will give our existing customers more choice and with an enhanced range of rural supplies. We will also appeal to new customers who were left wondering where to shop following the closure of Countrywide. Watch this space for details of our opening !

New store opening in early September    
Rural Store opening Imminent

Friday 13th July 2018

Tuesday 10th July

At last our new building is starting to take shape and within the next six weeks the store should hopefully be ready to receive its first customers ! Already we are expanding the range of products that we are able to offer including a large range of animal feedstuffs with many more lines planned to arrive closer to the opening. We will be able to offer products not just to larger scale farmers buying agricultural machinery, but with appeal to a broad spectrum of people with smallholdings and large gardens. Keep checking back for details of our opening.

 Rural Store opening Imminent    
Expansion programme now underway

Friday 4th May 2018

It's full steam ahead at P and D as the next phase of our expansion programme starts to take shape in the form of our new offices, stores and showroom. The structure is now in place and by the end of July we should be well on the way to completion ! As well as concentrating on, and further developing our agricultural business, we also intend to focus on the smaller end of the market with compact tractors, mowers and larger garden machinery items. Exciting times ahead !

Expansion programme now underway    
Beat the Beast from the East

Thursday 1st March 2018

Only 1 left in stock! beat the Beast from the East and Storm Emma with this MTD ME66T 2 Stage Snow Blower. A petrol driven model with extra features and a wide clearing range, the MTD ME66T is suitable for large estates and businesses with forecourts, courtyards, private roads and car parks if you have large areas of ground that you need to keep clear of snow a premium range snow thrower like this is what you need. The clearing width of the ME66T is a respectable 66cm and this, coupled with the intake chamber height of 53cm, means it can clear large areas of deep snow very quickly. Its powered by a 277cc engine specially designed for first-time starting in low temperatures and transmission-wise it has 6 forward and 2 reverse gears, giving you the flexibility to cope with the most demanding surfaces. A top-of-the-range model like this also features caterpillar tracks with their own steering control mechanism which provide the added grip required for slopes and icy conditions.
Call Anthony on 01684 772912 to find out more.

Beat the Beast from the East Beat the Beast from the East Beat the Beast from the East
Beat the Beast from the East    

Tuesday 21st November 2017

Looking after the environment, supporting innovation, improving productivity and investing in the next generation of young farmers is crucial in the expected CAP overhaul post 2022, say agricultural experts speaking at the Three Counties Farming Conference in association with Bruton Knowles, which took place on Thursday 16 November.
Delegate numbers to the event reached 400 - the biggest yet, all eager to debate the future of farm subsidy.
And while the UK doesn't know what subsidy will look like, it's likely it will have to be "earned" in Michael Gove's vision for a 'green Brexit' with acreage payments becoming a thing of the past.
The road ahead looks rocky for many British farmers. "While I'm not going to stand here and demand we have the same 3.2 billion funding post 2022, we must not be disadvantaged to EU competitors. Here's a sobering thought: when you subtract the diversified farm income farmers have earned, 85% of what is left of the farm income is delivered through farm support." said Meurig Raymond.
"Uncertainty is paralysing for UK farmers, and we need a transitional free-trade deal with Europe to see us through this period."
New Zealand special agricultural trade envoy, Mike Petersen, was positive about the future. "The UK should learn lessons from New Zealand, but the two are extremely different. New Zealand was 'broke', and subsidies were removed overnight, but when I talk to New Zealand farmers nobody wants to go back to where we were pre-1985. The opportunity for UK farmers to thrive is significant. Countries will want to trade with the UK, but strong farm leadership is vital."
Former environmental secretary, the Rt Hon Owen Paterson indicated the CAP reform would include a reward based system. "Ceasing production subsidies would bring many benefits to consumers and producers. It does not mean stopping financial support for farmers; it could even mean increasing support by adopting practices similar to those in Switzerland, rewarding farmers for the environmental and public goods they provide."
Country Land & Business Association deputy president, Tim Breitmeyer, said: "You can't justify giving people money just because they own land, they have to do good. We need investment under a new contractual relationship, with the same level of subsidy, but we need to reward farmers for investing in the countryside and employing good environmental practices."
The Three Counties Farming Conference, in association with Bruton Knowles, was chaired by farmer and BBC Countryfile presenter, Adam Henson, who fielded questions to the panel for an hour after the speakers made their cases.
Preceding the evening conference, the Three Counties also hosted afternoon workshops by Gill Lewis, of Rural Payments Agency, who spoke on the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and rural development. NFU horticultural and potato board chairman, Ali Capper, presented on growing concerns when employing a part time agricultural workforce, and Agrii agricultural consultant David Neale outlined new opportunities in agriculture.
The afternoon workshops were followed by presentations from two Nuffield Scholars presenting their recent papers. Ben Taylor-Davies spoke about blackgrass resistance management and Chris Padfield spoke about growing and nurturing talent in the agricultural industry.
Twenty agricultural trade stands featured at the conference offering advice, support and opportunities for farm businesses, and information for students wanting to pursue a career in agriculture.
The next Three Counties Farming Conference takes place on 15 November 2018.

Originally from Three Counties Agricultural Society:

Spanish Armada Takes On The Tillage Challenge

Monday 23rd October 2017

Spanish Armada Takes On The Tillage Challenge    
O% Interest Finance available on NEW McCormick Tractors

Wednesday 19th July 2017

FIVE years finance @ 0%.

First payment Nov 1st, 2017

0 + 5 Annual Payments*

*First Annual payment due 1st November, 2017.

Followed by a further 4 annual payments.

Please give us a call for more information.

O% Interest Finance available on NEW McCormick Tractors    
X Series - Its not over complicated, just better!

Wednesday 12th July 2017

Farm Machinery Journal May 2017

The Big League Contender

The McCormick X7 put through its paces...

X Series - Its not over complicated, just better! X Series - Its not over complicated, just better! X Series - Its not over complicated, just better!
X Series - Its not over complicated, just better! X Series - Its not over complicated, just better! X Series - Its not over complicated, just better!

Monday 8th May 2017

NEW / USED Machinery FOR SALE at P&D, please give us a call for more information.


Friday 28th April 2017

We would like to invite you to join us at a one day event we are organising to showcase some of the latest grassland equipment currently available in the UK from manufacturers including Vicon and McCormick.

The LIVE Demonstrations will be taking place at Fiddington Farm in Fiddington on Wednesday 10th May. By kind permission of Mr & Mrs A Davies for allowing us to use their land and Mr R Guy for allowing us to cut and bale his crop for the event.

Demonstrations will start at 10:00am and run throughout the day until 4:00pm.

Reps from each manufacturer will be on hand during the day to answer any questions you may have, alongside many static displays of the machinery being used, allowing you to have a closer look at the equipment itself.

Outside catering will also be available for purchase on the day to keep you fed and watered while watching the action take place.

Admission is FREE, so please drop in for a couple of hours and see these cutting-edge pieces of machinery in action.

Fiddington Farm, Monks Lane,
Fiddington, GL20 7BJ

DATE: Wednesday 10th May 2017

TIME: 10:00am-4:00pm



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